Five More Great Free SEO Tools

Five More Great Free SEO Tools


SEO tools are essential when it comes to building up your website presence. Following on from our first list of free SEO tools you really should be using to get yourself noticed on Google, here are a few more technical ones. Don’t let that put you off though; these are technical tools that are designed to be operated by people with not-so-technical skills.

  1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a spider crawler tool that goes through your entire site to check for broken links. This works for all links, including text, images, frames, maps and backgrounds.

  1. Title and Description Optimization Tool

The title and description optimization tool can give you an insight into what your competitors are using for their titles and descriptions, imaginatively. This helps you to target the keywords, phrases and titles that you need to be using to compete.

  1. Pingdom Website Speed Tool

Google has been coming down much harder on sites which lag and take longer to load as the move to mobile means that clunky, slow sites take far too much data up and take way too long to show on users’ screens. Pingdom’s Website Speed Tool  can test your site for speed issues and helps you find any bottlenecks.

  1. Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview can help you to visualise what your SERP result will look like and lets you optimise it for the best results using meta tags.

  1. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Once you have got all of your SEO in order, it’s time to run a diagnostic audit to see if there are any areas which can be improved. You will also need to keep tweaking to ensure that you stay at the top on the results page. Microsoft’s Free SEO Toolkit can help you with this.





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