Five more effective content promotion strategies to increase your content's reach (part deux)


In the first part of this series we examined methods to promote your content further and wider. This means that you get more readers, more clicks, and more revenue for each piece of content that you create. After all, you want to get every last drop out of everything that you create as this adds value to the content which could have taken you hours or even days to create.

Here are some more key concepts to consider when you are planning your content sharing strategy.

  1. Make your guest blogging go further

So you landed an opportunity to guest blog and the post was successful, landing you a lot of clicks and shares. That’s great! Now, you can leverage that by getting people who shared your original guest post to read and share your next post.

How, you may ask?

First, identify the people who shared the post using Topsy. Add the URL of the post to the search box and it will return a list of sharers.

Create a spreadsheet of those people who have blogs and websites.

Find their email addresses through Twitter, Whois, contact pages or Rapportive in Gmail and send them an outreach email.

Hi [Name],

Thanks for sharing my post [Title]. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Just wondering if you are interested in my latest 2000 word guide on [new post title].

Let me know if you are. I’d love your feedback.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

  1. Create a Twitter list and share exclusive content with them

Social media helps you build up a fan base and once you have this, you can start to use it effectively.

Build a list of people who mention you in their tweets. SnapBird can help you with this.

Find their emails, either simply by asking via DM or search using tools mentioned earlier.

Send them your content via email before you post it out to everyone else. You can use a similar email as the one above.

  1. Infographic tagging

Infographics have proven to be an effective type of content to get information to people quickly and effectively. They are extremely sharable and good for branding and SEO reasons.

If you have a number of webmasters who are sharing your infographics on their blogs and websites, make sure that you are asking them to tag these posts with the right words. This could include geographic information or keywords that you are focusing on.

Send them an email which says something like:

Thanks for publishing our infographic on your blog. Please could we request something? We’re focusing on the tags X, Y, and Z and would really appreciate you adding them to the image.

Thanks so much!

  1. Customise your search box on your website

If you get your search box on your site to show the pages that you want to direct visitors to, this helps people find what they are looking for, plus it boosts the pages that are already popular.

Here’s a post to help you with that from ConversionXL.

  1. Add a recent comments box to your blog

Add the Recent Comments Plugin to your blog to help draw awareness to the comments section and encourage people to join in.


Each piece of content that you make has the potential to go much further than you think. Can you think of any more content strategies? Share below!