Where to find Free Icons for WordPress

Where to find Free Icons for WordPress

Stuart Holmes

Icons are an effective way to communicate an idea in as short a time as possible. There are hundreds of icons around us every day. Think, for example, about your save icon on Microsoft Office and many other programs and games. Despite the fact that many kids of today have never even seen a floppy disk, they still know that the icon of one means ‘save’. Likewise, icons are used in driving, computing, graphic design and signage to communicate with the reader.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills that it takes to design an icon. it may look easy, but actually, because an icon is trying to tell the reader a specific piece of information or give the reader a direction, it’s actually not that easy to just do it yourself.

Using icons on your website is a good idea. They help simplify the information in a post and can allow users to navigate the website without having everything explained in text. But where can you find icons that you can use for your site? Here we list four fantastic resources for icons for WordPress.

Plugin Directory

A good place to start is the Plugin Directory. There are almost half a million icons there to choose from so you are sure to be able to find one that suits.


Another great resource for icons and vector graphics is DryIcons. Going since 2007, there are always new sets being uploaded to ensure that your icons don’t look tired and dated.


Perfect for those in a hurry or if you want something simple, Genericons has an easy to see catalogue of icons with prices clearly marked for you.


If you don’t fancy forking out for a tiny icon for your site but still want something that looks stylish, then MaxButtons will have something for you to choose.

Where do you find the icons for your WordPress site? Let us know in the comments.