Where to Find Free Fonts – A super quick guide

Where to Find Free Fonts – A super quick guide

Stuart Holmes

Looking for a free font? There are loads of places to choose from around the web that offer free fonts, but a lot of these are confusing, poorly managed and offer low quality fonts with bad kerning and ugly typefaces.

There’s more to finding free fonts than just the obvious sites. You can check out portfolios, agencies and type projects that can all offer something a little different.


Dafont is a great resource for fonts with so many to choose from it can be hard to sort them all out. There are handy tools to help you browse by style and popularity or author, but there are a fair few unprofessional looking ones so be careful.

Abstract fonts

If you want to make the search for fonts easier, then you’ll want to check out Abstract Fonts for it’s easy to use interface and large collection of 14,0000 fonts.

The Open Font Library

The Open Font Library offers free fonts to use for personal creative work including a wide range of web fonts.

Free Font Manifesto

Some designers create typefaces for the public domain. The Free Font Manifesto provides info about this movement as well as the fonts themselves.

Vitaly Friedman’s Font List

If you’re looking for a business-like respectable font, these 20 high quality ones from Vitaly Friedman might be just what you’re after.

1001 Free Fonts

This site has a misleading name, there are actually probably 10,000 fonts on 1001 Free Fonts and not just the number stated. Still, that’s great!

Filiz Sahin

Looking for something hip from New York? Filiz Sahin is your woman. She’s a designer and illustrator and her work is beautiful.


TypeDepot is a design studio with a focus entirely on fonts. There are free fonts here as well as some stunning commercial fonts.

What have we missed? Where do you get your fonts? Comment below to tell us!


Image credit: Bob Embleton http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Octagonal_font,_Mathon_Church_-_geograph.org.uk_-_2027563.jpg