Where to Find Amazing Images You Can Use for Free

Where to Find Amazing Images You Can Use for Free

Stuart Holmes

Adding images to your website, article, or presentation is a great way to make them stand out, but you must be careful. You can’t just use any old image that you find on Google, as you may be violating someone’s copyright.

There are alternatives thankfully. There are lots of stock photo libraries which are full of photos available to use for free. Here are our favourites.


Set up way back in 1998, Openphoto has amassed a large collection of stock photos that are well organised and labelled, along with a helpful tool which opens related imaged when you select a thumbnail.


Beautiful stock photos that aren’t too cheesy can be hard to find, but StockSnap.io has this covered.


This site is non-profit and has no restrictions whatsoever on the photos, so you won’t get any annoying pop ups or ads here.


One of the stock photo library gems is Morguefile, despite the macabre name. The search function is spectacular, helping to search for images using categories, keywords, colour, rating and size, helping you to hone in on the perfect image.

Pixel Perfect Digital

There are over 4,000 stock photos on Pixel Perfect Digital which is great, but more importantly, if you are looking for high calibre digital art and illustrations, then there are also many of these here.

Free Photos Bank

There are lots of photos on Free Photos Bank, from animals and people through to more abstract shots good for backgrounds as well as digital art.


Flickr is the world’s biggest photo sharing site. If you want to find images that you can use for free, go into the advanced search function and search for images by selecting ‘Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content’. If a photo comes up as ‘some rights reserved’, check the license before you use it.


On a slightly different note there’sĀ Canva – it goes beyond stock photos, of which it has millions, and into design. You can put together documents, presentations, infographics with ease.


This infographic creator is still in beta, but it’s well worth playing with if, like some, you find the info part easier than the graphic part!


Pikwizard is a new site boasting an impressive 60,000+ completely free images, with over 20,000 being exclusive to them. This is a particularly useful resource for images of people, which tend to be scarce on many stock image websites.

What websites and services do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.