Even More WordPress Tips

Even More WordPress Tips

Andy Holland

Making your WordPress site the best it can be takes some hardcore tinkering. You need to dig right down under the bonnet and get your proverbial hands dirty.

If you want to add some additional functionality or some slick mods on your site, this post will be able to give you some pointers.

Make your site super social

Find some plugins which help to integrate your social media with your site more effectively.

Let users submit blog posts

Writing blog posts is pretty time consuming. If you’ve got an engaged audience, why not let them start the conversation by submitting blog posts to your site?

Sidebar with Dynamic Contents

Visitors to your site will often ignore sidebars because they’re still, boring and usually the all same. By adding dynamic content to your sidebar, you can keep them guessing – and keep them interested.

Image Caption

If you want to have captions for your images, then this handy tool allows you to extract the title or alt attribute within your site and adds it under your images. This tool also supports custom CSS stylings.

Another Date Image Hack 

Want your post to have a date tag that looks a little more calendar-ish? This tool can help with that.

Exclude certain categories from being displayed

You can either use the Advanced Category Excluder to hide certain categories on your site, or you could try and put this code in the Loop:


if ( have_posts() ) : query_posts($query_string .’&cat=-1,-2′); while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();


Add author bio on every blog post

If you have a number of people writing on your blog, you can add full author bios to each post to give proper credit. This also demonstrates their authority without someone having to visit an ‘About Me’ page.

The need for speed

There are lots of ways you can speed up your WordPress site. This guide from Smashing Magazine can help you with lots of them!

Create thumbnails for each blog post

If you want to know how to create interesting thumbnails for your posts to encourage people to click through, try the link above from wordpressgarage.

Customize Error 404 page

404 pages don’t have to be boring. This tool helps you to create your own snazzy little 404 page.

Place a login form in the sidebar

If you have the sort of site you want people to be logging into, there’s an easy way to do that from our friends at wpdesigner.

How to Display Facebook Statuses on WordPress Blog

No need to create content for social media and then also additional content for your website. Try adding a tool which puts your Facebook posts on your webiste so that your site is social too.

Protect WordPress post against hot-linking

If you don’t want people hotlinking your images, then there’s a handy little plugin for that which simply needs installing and activating.

Place content only in RSS Feed

Here’s a plugin – RSS Footer which allows you to control the content that appears in the RSS feed.