Essential Pricing And Comparison Table Plugins

Essential Pricing And Comparison Table Plugins

Adam Morgan

When you run a WordPress site, you might find that you have a lot of products on there to offer your customers. A good way of encouraging customers to make a purchase is to add a pricing and comparison table so that they can figure out what is the best deal for them. This is especially good for those who offer different packages on their WordPress site. A good way of installing this type of comparison table is to use some of the great WordPress plugins. In this blog, we are going to give you some of the great WordPress plugins that can help you do this so keep reading to find out more.


When you install WP ComPEAR, you can add both vertical and horizontal pricing and comparison tables to your WordPress site. This is one of the better WordPress plugins as it actually adds an interactive element to the comparison process. Users can either view static content or they can drag and drop the products that they would like to compare on your site.

Table Maker

Table Maker is a great WordPress plugin that will let you add some tables to your site that can be viewed on many different devices. This is ideal for those who want to ensure that their site is compatible and responsive. WordPress plugins like Table Maker let you emphasise certain rows and columns in your table to make them more visible to visitors.

WPPricing Builder

Another one of the premium WordPress plugins that you can install on your site to add a comparison table is WPPricing Builder. This plugin is great as it actually comes with over 25 pre-made templates. You can adjust the font, the colour scheme and many more to make the table stand out on your WordPress site.

Arena Products Store

If you don’t already have a store on your WordPress site, then you might actually benefit from the Arena Products Store. This WordPress plugin will not only let you create a store, but it offers some great comparison table features. Users can also create their own tables if they want to compare some products.

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is one of the great WordPress plugins that comes with a free version to get you started. The tables are pretty easy to create with this plugin and you can change things like the font, the order and the colour scheme right there in the plugin. Investing in the paid version will give you some extra features such as pre-made templates.

Go Pricing

Our final WordPress plugin suggestion is more aimed towards those who want a pricing table although Go Pricing still offers some comparison tables. There are over 250 different templates for your tables, so this plugin is definitely worth checking out.

Make sure to try out some of the WordPress plugins in this article if you want to create a comparison or pricing table.