Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective means to get your message out there, keep people informed and continue to remind people about your brand. However with the relentless bombardment of emails filling your customer’s inbox your message could be lost or deleted.

How do we make email marketing work for you?

We begin with learning more about the data you have collected. This goes beyond checking the emails exist and focuses more on the demographic of the people you have in your base, the internet service providers they have and even where they live. Once we understand we can segment and then create targeted cells to send out tailored emails.

Sending messages that are relevant, interesting and land at the time when the audience will be most responsive will ensure a high open and good click through rate. However the journey doesn’t end there, we’re also interested in where they’ll land and what they’ll do when they get there, after all open rate and click through are vanity, conversions are sanity.

Why use Elementary Digital for email advertising?

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we really know email marketing and our experience of direct response (both on and offline) means we understand the triggers required to get results from your audience. For Elementary Digital it’s not just about creating an email but understanding how to get people to react and ultimately respond.

The Elementary Digital team have sent millions of emails over the last 15 years and during our time we’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes a email campaign a success or failure. We know that if you want your email campaigns to perform it starts with the data understanding and then the creative delivery of the campaign, if you’re not reaching the right people, at the right time with the targeted message it’s going to be lost.

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