Effective Navigation for your Magento Store

Effective Navigation for your Magento Store

Effective website navigation will help to ensure that customers will convert when shopping on your Magento store. User experience design is just one of our services as a Magento Agency.

Your potential customers expect your website to be easy to use – intuitive and instant to navigate to help them find the products that they are searching for quickly and easily, with instant access to the checkout once they have finished looking for what it is that they want. If the site doesn’t deliver this, they will leave without making a purchase.

Effective shopping needs to be convenient, persuasive and quick. To meet this expectation, well thought out navigation and website design must be a priority for any Magneto store owner. Slow site speed and confusing paths through a website will cause customers to fall away with each additional minute spent looking for the correct route, or every unnecessary button click.

Effective Website Navigation – The Basics

Website navigation should be easy – Shoppers need to be able to find and use any navigation tools quickly.

Website navigation should be consistent – Navigation tools should be on every page of your website, with little to no variation in the design or style. This keeps it simple in the minds of the user to ensure that customers do not get frustrated or confused. Simplicity is key.

Website navigations tools should be generic – Make sure that your navigation tools are easily identifiable as such.

Visuals accompanying website navigation tools should be in keeping – Make sure that any images that appear alongside your navigation tools are appropriate for both your store design and for the page that they send the user to.

Navigation tools should not detract from the sales funnel – Any navigation tools should be kept simple and not clutter the screen. There should be a clear pathway designed through your site which incorporates the shopper’s usual journey.

Predictive aid can help with your shopper’s journey – Using breadcrumbs or ‘road signs’ through your site can help customers with their sales decisions. By proactively pointing customers in the right direction for the information that are searching for or the products that they may want to buy, you reduce the chances of them leaving the store without buying anything.

Magento offers store owners the ability to create layered navigation based on multiple filters incorporating your products’ attributes. This functionality is advanced, offering consumers further options on multiple attributes and not just one or two aspects.

If you have a complicated catalogue with many categories, layered navigation offers customers the ability to segment your products based on the attributes that they are searching for.

Magento offers a number of options with layered navigations, and this functionality can be improved even further with additional extensions found in Magento Connect. Many of these extensions work with AJAX-based navigation to quickly filter catalogues and to reduce page reloads, so speeding up any site navigation.

Do you use any extensions with your Magento store to make navigation easier? If you’d like to discuss site navigation or anything else about your Magento store design, get in touch today.

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