Ecommerce trends in 2015

Ecommerce trends in 2015

Andy Holland

2015/16 is underway and many ecommerce merchants are in the thick of it coming up with campaigns and strategies for the coming year. One thing that every business person should be aware of is the key trends for the coming year. It give you a rough idea of the ecommerce arena and some indication of what it is that you should be doing to increase traffic, boost sales and improve customer relations.

Every year sees new technologies and trends coming into the ecommerce market and shaking things up – we’ve had localisation, social media integration and personalisation making waves in this sector over the past few years as the market has grown substantially. The merchants that have done well have been the ones with a keen eye on the market and on their competitors.

In the rapidly changing ecommerce sphere, you need to make sure that you are meeting your customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Here are the key trends we’ve noticed are being discussed around the web.

Move Over Desktop – here’s even more mobile!

Mobile optimisation is becoming increasingly important. Online sales from mobile devices are growing and expectations are that the number of people shopping from mobile devices will grow by 25% this year. This means that merchants need to focus on both creating apps and ensuring that sites are responsive and easy to use from any device, be it smartphone or tablet.

Social Commerce

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are the new high street where all of the customers are. You need to make sure that you have an engaging presence on these platforms. You can keep them up to date with discounts, offers, promote your bestselling items, and offer customer service through all of these channels.

People are expecting to be able to reach companies through these social networks so you need to make sure that you have a compelling reason for customers to follow you there. Host events, have exclusive discounts, and post new product info to communicate with your brand fans where they are.

Big Data

Every year big data is mentioned on these trend articles and you may be thinking you should just skip over it – but you really shouldn’t. Big data is a year on year trend because of how important it is to your business.

You need to capture and analyse your data to keep an eye out for trends within your business. Just like with the ecommerce market as a whole, keeping an eye on key trends within your company allows you to respond to them quickly and appropriately.

Ecommerce and Magneto

To make sure that you can keep up with all the current trends – you need a reliable, scalable and robust ecommerce platform which can handle the changes. Magento offers everything you need, with additional functionality available through Magento Connect so that you can move with the times and keep up with all of the latest changes within the market sector.

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