Ecommerce: The View from Imagine Commerce 2015

Ecommerce: The View from Imagine Commerce 2015


E-commerce is a rapidly changing market. To keep up to date, the Imagine Commerce conference brought together more than 2,400 e-commerce experts to meet, discuss and outline what the future may hold for the sector.

Announced was the Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 release with the Mobile SDK for iOS apps. In the forums, there were a number of key issues discussed. These included:


You can’t stand still in the e-commerce market. Constant innovation is what drives the market to greater and greater heights and if you’re standing still, then you are falling behind. Whether it is new technology or updates to old products in new and exciting ways, you need to think of your store as being in perpetual beta mode.


Customers are letting people know how they want to shop. Data driven personalisation has changed the online shopping experience from a simple click and browse effort to one where customers are offered personal service. This drives brand loyalty, social media marketing and user generated content. Let your customers know that you know who they are and what they want.


Between the store front and the back end, you need to ensure that you are meeting your customer’s expectations. From initial contact right through to delivery, the whole process needs to be optimised for the customers, meeting their needs and fulfilling their wants.


No matter the channel, you need to be communicating with your customers seamlessly. Supply and demand are closer than ever before and you need to be flexible in how you reach them and what it is that you want to say.


Responsive design and cross-channel capabilities are all very important in 2015. You need to ensure that you can meet your customers’ needs, whenever and wherever.

Can you think of any core principles which they missed at Imagine Commerce 2015? Let us know in the comments below!


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