Ecommerce Site Redesign or Incremental Changes?

Ecommerce Site Redesign or Incremental Changes?


You can always improve your ecommerce site, but which way should you go – full site redesign or smaller incremental changes?

Full Redesign

If your website is starting to look a little dated, it could be time for a full facelift. You can go out, find a web design agency that has a good portfolio, and it may take a pretty penny as well as a few months of wireframes, plans, sketches on the back of envelopes, development and design, but you will have a new site which will last you from now until you realise the site looks dated again.

However, sometimes this isn’t the best way to go. Think about the outcry every time Facebook and Twitter changes. Everyone hates it. Loyal users don’t like change – they like to know what they are looking at and where everything is.

Another issue with a redesign is that you may lose SEO ranking or Domain Authority if something isn’t done properly, leading to a big drop in income for you.

Incremental Changes

Incremental changes are small changes that happen gradually. The good thing about incremental changes is that you can conduct A/B testing to check the impact of any changes before you make them official.

A/B testing gives you measurable data on how users are responding to version A and version B of a page element of your site. It could be a variety of call to actions or a different picture. Either way, you can analyse the data and pick the best design.

Which one is right for you?

Incremental design changes give you maximum ROI with little risk, making sure that your online store inconstantly being improved. However, your site may need a total overhaul if you haven’t been doing this and that is okay too!


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