An easy guide to creating landing pages

You might be wondering exactly what a landing page is.

It’s a page that visitors arrive on which prompts them to take one specific action, such as signing up to a mailing list, perhaps through an incentive or offer.

Unlike your other web pages, there will be no extraneous details. Your sidebar, footer menu, navigation links etc. will generally be missing, with the specific action the only focus of the page.

Landing pages can be used for new products and services, newsletter sign ups and more.

How to create a landing page

A landing page is just about one goal. Keep this in mind when you a building one. Here are some points to consider:

Stand out

The sole focus of the page, whether that is a newsletter sign up or an incentive, is the key element. All of the copy should be there to persuade the reader that they should sign up to your newsletter or fill out the form. Make the form stand out, by adding colour or a bold outline. Make it really jump out of the page so that you could even see it from the other side of the room.

Know what it is the audience wants and give it to them

Be specific with your landing page. Know your audience and create the content specifically for them. Define what they get for signing up and use proof to highlight the benefits that people can get. Use language which caters to them and use the words that they use. Think about how you can express the benefits of signing up to them.

Get to the point quickly using clear headlines that define your proposal, instead of the latest buzzwords. Copy should be simple and effective.

Tell stories

Storytelling is a good way to get your content to engage people. You could try using a classic ‘rags to riches’ story to show how you can make someone money, or a David and Goliath story, backing the underdogs over their larger competitors.

People don’t want to read marketing blurb. They want to hear your voice coming through, instead of sleaze and lies. They want real people, actual photos, and true testimonials.

Eliminate the fluff

You don’t need the header and footers that you have on the rest of your website. Get rid of them along with any other superfluous links to other content. White space is what you want. Just use a single column for your copy.


If you click through from an ad to arrive at your landing page, use the same fonts, photography and copy. This will put people at ease.


Once your landing page is complete, you need to promote it! Social media, your newsletter, your email signature, in guest post by-lines. Get it out there!

This guide to creating a landing page will help you to promote yourself to your customers and potential customers. To talk about what you can be doing to increase your online reach further, contact Elementary Digital today.