Displaying Your Facebook Reviews Page in WordPress

Displaying Your Facebook Reviews Page in WordPress

Johnny Greaves

Do you have fantastic Facebook page reviews and ratings and want to showcase this on your blog? With Facebook reviews, users can leave ratings of your products or services and good reviews are a great way to boost your conversions by gaining the trust of other potential customers who are reading them. Below, you can find out how to show Facebook reviews on your WordPress website step by step.

Why Display Facebook Reviews on WordPress?

As you will probably already know, Facebook has a system in which users can leave reviews of a brand, their products and their service. In the same way that word of mouth is a great conversion tool, the same applies to a Facebook review as this shows new customers that you are a trustworthy business and that the products/services you offer are great. Essentially, these reviews act as testimonials and while most people won’t leave testimonials on your website, they are far more likely to give you a rave review on social media. These reviews can then be displayed on your WordPress website so visitors can see what other people have to say about your brand.

How to Put a Facebook Review Page on WordPress

To start off, you must install the Facebook Reviews page and this is a simple process. Once you have activated it, you can head over to Appearance and under this, Widgets. This can be found in the admin area of your WordPress website. Here, you can drag and drop the Facebook Reviews widget into the blog sidebar.

The next stage is to add in the widget title and hit ‘Connect to Facebook’ which launches the page in the widget. Expand this in your settings and then you can one by one manage the display of page reviews on your blog. Under Review Options you can also switch on the Google rich snippets, set filters and choose how many reviews you want to be displayed per page. Furthermore, under Display Options you can switch on dark backgrounds, limit review lengths and select a theme to incorporate.

Once you have done this, you can then visit Slider Options. Here, you can enable Review Slider Theme which will automatically change your display option theme. On each slide, you can choose how many reviews you want to display. If you need to access the cache or manage links, you can find this under Advanced Options. Once you have completed this, save the changes and then check your WordPress website to see Facebook page reviews in the sidebar

After incorporating Facebook reviews, you may want to then look into creating a custom Facebook feed for users or automatically posting to Facebook from your blog!

Johnny Greaves

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