Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Businesses need to have a wide variety in the marketing strategies to get the most out of their budgets. Marketing budgets are being allocated to new media and leaving old forms in their wake. However, there needs to be a spread across old and new media to ensure that the brand’s message is reaching everyone.

You must make sure that each strand of the marketing plan achieves a good return on investment and also gets consumers engaged with the product or service which you are selling.

Direct mail gets a fantastic response rate even now, with emails coming in a lagging second place. In fact, research has shown that targeted direct mail has a response rate of 3.4% compared to emails 0.12%. So why would you leave it out of the mix?

Here is our guide to a cohesive marketing strategy which includes direct mail.

  1. Get on the same page – with so many elements from content, PR, advertising and social media, you need to ensure that all members of your marketing team are singing from the same sheet. Make sure regular meetings are happening between all team members.
  2. Personalisation -online and offline, personalisation is becoming increasingly important. Utilise data to make marketing messages personal and not just generic.
  3. Offers exclusive benefits – use all forms of media to keep people on the lookout for your next marketing message whether online or in the post.
  4. Digital tie-ins – use modern tech trends such as QR codes to tie together your online and offline message as well as keeping track of which marketing techniques are getting the most traction and engagement from your customers.

Remember, marketing is about making your brand stand out so utilise a full suite of tactics to help get you noticed.

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