Digital marketing in Leeds, the silicon valley of the north


The capital of West Yorkshire and the jewel in the commercial world of Yorkshire, Leeds is at the heart of all business activity in the county. Long regarded for it’s manufacturing, retail expertise and beer companies Leeds has developed it’s reputation throughout the UK and today houses some of the most recognised brands throughout Europe. However perhaps not as well known but most definitely equally regarded is Leeds reputation as a leading centre for marketing and creative services. Over the last 40 years Leeds creative and marketing agencies have produced some of the most recognised marketing campaigns in the country, let us never forget the Asda ‘pocket-tap’. Attend any creative industry awards and you’re guaranteed to have an abundance of London agencies closely followed behind by companies from Leeds. A hub of creative talent that outshines any other major city outside London, Leeds is an exciting, dynamic marketing arena.

In the last ten years Leeds has seen is reputation for marketing excellence skyrocket largely influenced by fast growing digital marketing excellence throughout the city. Becoming known as the silicon valley of the north, Leeds has become the home for online marketing consultancy that are helping leading brands throughout the UK to develop their presence online. With a mix of digital agency specialising in seo, website design, conversion optimisation, social media and so much more the city is the digital capital of the north. In a recent survey the Yorkshire Post found that no other industry in Yorkshire was providing as many opportunities or experience such exponential growth year on year. Indeed in the last three years the digital marketing companies based in Leeds have seen average staff numbers increase by up to 40% and a digital talent continues to flood the city with expertise. The result is when the digital awards are on you’re guaranteed Leeds digital agencies have more nominations than any other city (except London).

Elementary Digital are proud to be part of the Leeds Digital Agency community and helping businesses throughout Yorkshire with their digital marketing needs.