Digital DIY: AdWords Account Audit How To

Digital DIY: AdWords Account Audit How To


Have you conducted an AdWords account audit recently? You may be surprised by the issues that are flagged up if you had one today! Having a regular AdWords account audit is important for any business as it will reveal problems and allow you to deal with them.

The Key to a Good AdWords Account Audit

There are a few key points to remember when undertaking an AdWords account audit. The first is to classify what you are aiming to review and why it is important in this context. You must also review and document the status of all items in your Adwords account audit. Finally, you must provide detailed notes and list any items that should be revisited or changed in your audit action plan.

Why Carry Out an AdWords Account Audit

It is important to know where you stand before you invest time and money into your AdWords account. This is why carrying on an AdWords account audit is incredibly important. A few of the benefits you will find include discovering areas where you are wasting money and identifying new opportunities to expand. You can also enhance the ongoing management process and gain insight into the account that you can then apply to other marketing channels.

Review Your Goals

The first step of an Adwords account audit is to review and understand what your business goals and objectives are. You will need to understand what your conversion goals and what outcome you are seeking. Once you have defined your goals and your focus it then makes it easier to objectively audit an account. Once you are crystal clear on what you want your AdWords account to achieve you can then get to work on the search network campaign.

Look at Account Structure

It is important to keep in mind time efficiently when managing campaigns. There is no correct way to structure your account and you will want to have as much control as you possibly can. This includes management on important details such as the bid, ad, and budget. Some ways you can organise this include local business objectives, persona targets, subject matter, product lines, and service lines.

Focusing on Ad Groups

It is important to remember not to place too much emphasis on keywords and groupings as the destination you are sending them to is also incredibly important. Even if you have fantastically organised keywords, the ad and landing pages can stop it performing. You should always be thinking of landing pages, ads, landing pages and having customers convert on site.

Keywords and Landing Pages

When completing an AdWords account audit, remember that this isn’t the time to start making updates. Enter into each campaign and look to see if the keywords are relevant. You can then apply your goals to this process and evaluate the performance of the keywords.

While landing pages are not necessarily in AdWords, they are still extremely important. You will need to ensure they carry consistent wording and terminology, have clear calls to action and provide a positive user experience. These are all key to optimal conversion rates!