Digital Agency, The Ingredient For Success

If your thinking about a websites, developing your presence online or improve your presence in social media why would you use a digital agency? This is a question we often get asked when speaking to a prospective new client, we believe it’s asking what the real worth of using a digital agency and how they can make a difference. Having worked in marketing circles for over 14 years and helped clients with their marketing we believe the answer is simple, we live and breathe digital marketing, it’s our expertise and our passion. The Elementary Digital team spend 7 days a week learning, testing and evolving our understanding of online marketing. We’re not afraid to say that sometimes we don’t have all the answer but we live, learn and adopt ideas all the time, we believe this is the only way to develop your understanding. Our approach is ‘holistic’ meaning we look at all aspects of your online marketing to understand how to develop presence.

So if you’re looking for a digital agency in the UK we believe you should consider the following elements:

  • Understanding – do they look beyond your website, links and if you’ve got a Facebook page? Don’t forget all online marketing is to target an audience and often campaigns are developed to create presence but without a clear understanding of who you should be targeting.
  • All aspects – when considering any aspect of your online marketing do they look at the bigger picture, thus all elements that will have an impact on your presence, social, reviews, website, off-line comms? If they only consider the website or any other aspect in solitude then they are ignoring all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle
  • Budget driven or performance focussed – how does your agency judge success, based on the time you’ve paid for and the results achieved or delivering on your objectives based on performance. Real success takes time online, if you’re being limited by time sheets then set clear goals and ensure your agency are working to targets not your budget restraints.

We are a digital agency, we love digital marketing and delivering results no matter the budget. Speak to ‘ED’ for some insight and we won’t take it off the timesheet!


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