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Perhaps a strange title for a blog post but one that we hope does not describe Elementary Digital. Having worked in the digital marketing arena for nearly ten years we’ve heard this term numerous times and much of the value of good quality digital marketing consultancy has been lost as businesses have been let down, over-charged or an agency has quite simply not delivered. At Elementary Digital we don’t want to be that agency, instead we want to be, ‘a different digital agency’ and we want to provide good quality advice that is based on insight and commercial thinking. Our background (before digital) was traditional comms with a long grounding in direct marketing so we understand the importance of data, outreach and conversion focussed comms, this has transferred over the years easily into digital marketing and today we are a team of user-centric digital marketers. We don’t just understand digital marketing. We live it.

It’s important to note we don’t constrain our team with time sheets instead we encourage them to think and have the freedom to develop ideas that will ultimately deliver presence for our clients. The team have been assembled because of their clear passion for everything digital and their grasp of how to reach out to the digital arena and put your brand in-front of people. When we practice seo we look at things holistically and understand that ‘links’ are note everything instead, ‘presence’ is more important and this means mapping out your footprint on-line, whether that’s in social, search or links. Often we only need to carry a review of an existing website to highlight where a client is going wrong and how they can adopt a more targeted approach. Our review process has highlighted some massive flaws in clients were working with and we know there’s more poorly managed websites out there. We wont talk nonsense, science or try pull the wool over your eyes, instead we’ll look at how to develop your presence on-line and develop a mutually beneficial campaign.

Our approach means that your website and your business will receive an depth analysis along with actionable guidelines so you can increase your website presence in the on-line world. We go through your website with a fine tooth comb. We are one of few Digital Marketing Agencies that perform a 90 point check on your website.

Elementary Digital are not another digital agency in Yorkshire, we’re ‘ED’ and we want to apply digital intelligence.


Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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