Cyber Monday – The Aftermath

Cyber Monday – The Aftermath


Following up on our post Cyber Monday – Get Your Website Ready, we take a look at the aftermath of the busiest shopping period ever…


So the shopping weekend from heaven or hell, depending on if you were one of the people fighting for a new TV, has been and gone. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed and the online sales figures are in.

For the first time ever, the sales figures on Black Friday topped a billion pounds, and the figures for the whole weekend were staggering at £3.3 billion. This exceeds expectations for the weekend and is up 35% on last year.

The sales figures were spread out due to many places offering deals that lasted from Friday for a week in a bid to lure shoppers from out behind their computers, tablets and mobiles and onto the high street. There wasn’t the chaotic carnage as seen last year with people punching each other in order to grab themselves an electronic bargain.

Many people did choose to stay indoors and shop this year. The high street is still expecting to see big payoffs as more people get their final presents from a visit into a town, city centre, or shopping village. Figures from the high street will be released in January.

Popular items included wearable tech such as Fitbits, Dyson products for all of those mums wanting hoovers, and Lego. Many retailers boosted their online capacity which meant that there were much fewer website outages this year.

However, it’s not all good news. Consumer debt is also at its highest rate since before the banking crisis according to Bank of England figures.

Did you manage to grab any bargains last weekend? Or have you suddenly realised you still have the shopping to do? Better get to it!


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