Creative Link Building ideas: part two

 Creative Link Building ideas: part two


Still fed up with link building and looking for ways to make it a little easier? Why not try these ideas on for size in the second part of our exciting creative link building ideas series. (Missed part one? Catch up here)

‘Celebrity’ juice – Finding out who the celebrities are in certain fields can help you to reach out to the right people within that space. Take gaming as an example. It might not be your cup of tea, and there’s not much chance of a top-rated gamer getting on the cover of Hello magazine like a footballer would, but there are a lot of people in the world that want to know what these people are thinking and doing.

Use Followerwonk to find the right users, sorted by influence. Figure out who the real people are, and work out where their influence comes from – do they have an authority following them? Once you’ve done that, you can find out what sort of content they like to share and read. Use that to guide your strategy and reach out.

Pranks – There is nothing quite like a prank or hoax to really get the web wondering, and with web wonderings come articles and links. One example is Ivar’s billboard hoax, when a Seattle fish restaurant claimed that they had installed billboards in Puget Sound years before as the owner was expecting submarines to become a common form of transport. This got many column inches and links for the clam chowder retailer! This is why so many retailers and brands spend so much time and effort on their April Fool’s Day pranks – it can be a great way to get links from high authority news websites.

Pounding the pavements – One way to gain links isn’t just by sending politely worded emails. Actually get out there and start living what you’re trying to get links from. Let’s say if you are working with a pet shop, go out and walk dogs. You’ll meet people who can point you in the right direction for potential link opportunities. Plus there’ll be puppies and everyone loves puppies.

Think international – Have a look at your backlink profile. There may be a number of links which come from international sites. You can create content in language of the country that the links are coming from, reach out to webmasters and get more links. This works particularly well for infographic type content and can lead to you getting more links as well as the new language infographic getting shared.

Think PR not links – Links don’t come from just asking. You need to come up with some good ideas to help people want to link to you. Creativity comes into this way more than other forms of link building. Look at Brewdog, the Scottish brewery. They get lots of links from doing crazy things like brewing the world’s strongest beers, or serving them in stuffed squirrels. It’s all on brand and wacky and gets lots of people talking.