Creative link building ideas: part one

Creative link building ideas: part one


Link building is still an essential part of your SEO strategy, no matter what the changes made to the algorithm. It can be difficult to come up with new and exciting ways to do this job which, if we’re honest, can become a little tedious and staid. To counter this, here’s the first part of our post on creative ways to link build.

Build tools – Every industry has a need for unique tools which serve to make the work easier. Some of these are bigger and can be monetised. Others are just simple little hacks which can just make everything that little bit easier. Here’s the gap where you can get a link in. For example, you might have come up with some SEO tools which you can offer for free in exchange for a link.

Targeted social media ads – Syndicating your press release across the PR distribution companies isn’t going to cut it these days. Instead, come up with a list of journalists that you want to reach out to on Facebook, build a list and target your post at the people that you actually want it to be put in front of. This costs you pennies and is much more likely to be successful.

Sponsorships – If you’re a local small business, then you’ll want to ensure that you get lots of local backlinks to really boost your local SEO. You can do this pretty easily by sponsoring local events. Analyse the backlink profile of your competition and find the links that are gained through sponsorship. This will help you to identify the right type of events to target and then all you have to do to allocate the budget.

Make something fun, not just for business – It doesn’t always have to be all work, all the time. For example, Blue Fountain Media managed to get a few more links by creating a playable Pac Man game on their 404 page. This meant more people linked to their site to show it to people!

Look in the business graveyard – Have to look at some businesses that have shut up shop. Check out their backlink profile and see if there are any potential new high authority link opportunities for you to use. It could be that all you need to do is contact these companies to help them link to new resources.

Don’t let copyright violations get you down, link up – Content often gets stolen by other websites, particularly photos and videos. Instead of threatening offending sites with a lawsuit, try to turn it into a link building opportunity. You can identify sites that have used your content into the Google search bar. This will find all the instances of the content duplicated on the internet.

Barter services – It might not just be your link that could help the webmaster of a site. There could be a service that they need help with such as logo design. Swapping services for links might seem like a chore, but with sites such as Fiverr providing cheap services, it needn’t be a big cost or time outlay.