Creating pages in your Magento store

Creating pages in your Magento store

Jem Henderson

Your Magento store is made up of a variety of different page and content types, from product pages, blog posts, polls, to menus. The platform is a great content management system specifically designed for online retail.

  • To manage and maintain your Magento site, you need to understand the content management system section (CMS) of the Magento admin area.
  • To find this, click on the Manage Pages link which will take you to the page modification section.
  • To edit a page, simply click it. Edit Page will open a window which allows you to make modifications to how you want it.
  • Another option is Static Blocks. This allows you edit items such as the footer menu on your site which contains navigation links.
  • If you’d like to create polls, the Polls section allows you to build and manage these. Polls can help you to identify what it is that your customers want and give valuable feedback on your site.

Magento has a full range of CMS features built in.

You can browse through the pages in the CMS section of the admin area to see just how flexible and functional Magento is!