Creating Landing Pages Using WordPress


A good WordPress developer should be able to make sure that landing pages are beautiful, technically efficiently, and get customers engaged with content. There are a number of resources, plugins, and themes which can help you to create professional and functional landing pages.

First of all though, you need to understand the basics. The majority of people who are looking to create landing pages are usually in business, trying to create a page that will entice customers and persuade them to buy. A good landing page is one tool in a marketer’s armoury that can drive engagement through encouraging newsletter sign-up, setting a sales appointment, or showing a customer why they should be buying a product or service.

Elements of a Fantastic Landing Page

Here’s what your landing page has to have to be effective.

  • Simplicity – no uneeded extra menus, headers and few to no external links. The landing page has one job, making a customer act in a specific way.
  • Image or video – this has been proved to increase conversions, so embed that media.
  • White space – too much clutter dilutes the message
  • A/B testing – after all, you want to know what techniques work best to hone your messages for next time, right? So design tests between variations of a landing page – preferably scientifically testing one variation at a time.

You need to embed forms, buy now buttons, shopping cart links and appointment scheduling. Everything else is up to the copywriter or client.

Development Options

There are a range of options available to a developer when building landing pages. Quite a few themes have their own landing page template. However, if it doesn’t, you can:

  • build your own from a blank page template.
  • use a free or premium template page creator plugin.
  • try a theme with landing page templates.
  • use Lead Pages or Unbounce with third party WordPress integration.

If you go down the DIY route and building one on a blank page template, strip out the header, sidebar and footer. If it’s going to a client when you’ve built it, use a page builder so that they can drag and drop the necessary elements into the page.

Plugins and Themes

If you’d rather use themes and plugins that allow you to build landing pages, here are a few options that we recommend:

The Landing Page

Minimalist and simple with no header, footer or sidebar. Uses a page builder to make it easy to use for everyone. This is a free option; be warned though, most of the other free options were next to useless.

Thrive Content Builder

With lots of fancy looking templates, this slick-looking landing page builder is easy to use, basically being a page builder and visual editor. Priced from $199 a year, it’s quite affordable too.

Just Landed

You can build as many landing pages as you like with this theme and page builder, one for each of your products and services. It’s easy to use and just $58, but you will have to run a separate WordPress install to not affect the way the rest of your site looks.

There you have it. Lots of options for you to create perfect, enticing landing pages. If you need help with any aspect of your WordPress website, including landing pages and conversion rate optimisation, contact us today.