Creating Hyper Local Content

Creating Hyper Local Content


If you want to rank highly on Google and other search engines, one way to achieve this is through the creation of hyper local focused content. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this is essential for all location based businesses. You need to be relevant on a local scale so that the search engines know that you are the authority to go to in your area.

Let’s talk hypothetically for a second. Let’s say you’re an estate agent. Picture it. Feel your soul slowly blacken (joking, obviously!). You live, work and breathe the city of Leeds. For your job, you have two main audiences, those that are selling their homes and those that are looking to buy themselves a new home. How can you target these people in your area to let them know that you are the person that they need to be talking to if they are looking at buying or selling their house?

Through creating hyper local content!

Work out what the neighbourhoods are that you’re focusing on. You need to create content based on these specific locales. Write some blog posts where you talk about life in these areas. Make a video of you driving around, talking about the local amenities and schools. Create some audio where you discuss the benefits of living in the area. Create content about the neighbourhoods and soon Google will see you as the authority on these neighbourhoods!

Promoting Hyper Local Content

Make sure that you send the content you create out at a steady rate. Use the right H tags and structure that back up your SEO strategy. When you upload videos to YouTube, ensure that you write a comprehensive description that includes the name of the locale you are targeting and that you share it on your site and on social media.

Through sending out content that is linked, search engines can see that you are working on becoming an authority in that area. If you are sending out high quality material, this will help to bring in more traffic.

There’s so much content you can create that is hyper local. Talk about the local coffee shop, the best restaurants, and the most beautiful parks – lots of content that is based in your local area.

I would advise adding your business name and address to each piece of content. You need to have a description of what it is that you do and pictures that have appropriate titles and alt-tags to support your body content.

People like to hear opinions. They want to know local information; they want to know something unique about an area. Through creating hyper local content you are capturing local search traffic and engaging your visitors.

Take your time. It can be a few weeks or months of focus on one area. By being consistent, you can quickly make Google and co take notice of your site and your content.