Creating High Converting Landing Pages for Your Online Store

Creating High Converting Landing Pages for Your Online Store

John Hewick

If you are lucky enough to possess a substantial marketing budget, you will likely see high numbers of traffic to your Magento store.  Unfortunately, all of the traffic in the world won’t mean anything if your traffic doesn’t convert into sales.  This means that your main goal is to convert visitors into paying customers.  This will help send your online business flying towards success.  For this to happen, you definitely need to have a fantastic landing page.  Here, we’ll be talking you through how to build product pages that convert.  What you learn in this article, you can apply to your online Magento store, and it will help to convert your visitors.

Don’t Create a Cluttered Landing Page

One of the first things you should think about when designing your landing page is clutter.  A number of online merchants make the faux pas of overcrowding their landing page with a tonne of information.  Also, they will try to cram as many products onto the page as possible with the hope of selling more.  In reality, all this does is scare away potential customers.

Fast Load Times

Another thing you need to ensure is fast load times.  Imagine finding a great deal, clicking on the link and waiting an eternity for the page to load.  Once the page finally loads, you will have lost interest in what you were thinking of buying.  We all know that people don’t like to wait – particularly not for a website to load.  This means you need to ensure your landing page will load in an instant.  This will enable customers to purchase what they way before you give them the opportunity to visit a rival website to look for alternative options.  Also, if your landing page is well-optimised and delivers a great user experience, it is likely that it will bring customers back for more purchases.

Strong Visuals

Customers are often more inclined to purchase an item that is clearly displayed.  Having realistic looking pictures, rather than stock photos is always a plus.  This will give customers confidence in your product and will start to foster a trusting relationship.

Think about giving your customers images from different angles of the same product.  Also, you can incorporate a handy zoom-in feature.  Take the time to hire a photographer who can make photos look great!

Include a Clear Call-To-Action

You want to make it clear what you want your customer to do at any step.  A confusing landing page can ruin a user experience.  If you would like them to proceed to checkout, make this stand out!  Design a clear call-to-action that customers will easily be able to follow.

Keep Your Design Minimal

Make sure you are conveying the description of your products as concisely as possible.  Try to say more in fewer words.  No one wants to have to trawl through an entire essay crammed into a small space.

Pull All Your Design Strings Together

If you follow these simple design steps when creating your Magento landing page, chances are you will start converting your visitors like crazy!  Once you have made all the necessary improvements using the formula above, you will have created your own high converting landing page.

Have you already created a high converting landing page?  Let us know in the comments below.

John Hewick

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