Create A Privacy Policy Using A Plugin

Create A Privacy Policy Using A Plugin

John Hewick

Many websites use privacy policies in order to keep in line with the law and online regulations. The privacy policy works as a legal disclaimer and it explains to any visitors the way in which the website holds their information. The privacy policy itself needs to be easy to understand for any visitors and websites should always be clear. Having a WordPress privacy policy is important, especially if you are gathering information about your visitors. Here, we’ll tell you all about why you should have a WordPress privacy policy and how to create one using a plugin.

Why Get A WordPress Privacy Policy?

It is important that you get a privacy policy for your WordPress site because it can actually help to protect you from any sort of legal fees or fines. It can also add a level of trust between you and your audience. You should also remember that not having a privacy policy is actually against the law in certain countries, so you should always check this before going ahead with your site. Make sure to take on board the advantages of having a WordPress privacy policy and get one for your site.

WPLegalPages Plugin

One of the best plugins for adding a WordPress privacy policy is the WPLegalPages plugin. If you want to use this plugin, you’ll need to install it to your site and then choose from the 25 different templates on offer. The great thing about this is that you can actually edit the templates to make the privacy policy specific to your site. You’ll get templates including a privacy policy, linking policy, cookie privacy policy and many more.

How To Set Up WPLegalPages

In order to add this plugin to your WordPress site, you simply need to download the plugin, upload the .zip file, install it and activate the plugin on your site. Once you have this, you can find the legal pages in your sidebar. Clicking on this will then ask you to add the details of your company and the privacy policy that you want to create. You will then need to choose the relevant template from the options provided by this particular plugin. The great thing about this is that when you choose the type of business that you have from the options, you will only be presented with the pages that are relevant to your site. This makes it a lot easier to get set up quicker.

Why Use WPLegalPages?

This plugin is really good for those who want to create a WordPress privacy policy because it is very simple to use, and it works very well. You can make use of the easy to use templates and you can use the easily editable pages. With this plugin you can also add an extended menu, as well as having the option to add some customised shortcodes.

Make sure to try out this plugin if you want to create a WordPress privacy policy.

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