Convert Your Website To Mobile In 2014


There has been a considerable increase in the number of people using their mobile phones and tablets to browse websites and engage via social media platforms in recent years. A recent Internet Trends report revealed that mobile phone users account for 15% of web traffic across the world. It is also known that people are becoming increasingly willing to use their mobile devices in the purchase of products and services. If you need any further incentive to convert your website to mobile then it would be worth reading this article.

Attracting Potential Customers

It might surprise you to discover that over 40% of businesses are yet to optimise their websites for mobile use. You may also be interested to hear that mobile users are generally quite willing to navigate away from websites which don’t work effectively on their hand held devices. This means that there is still an opportunity to entice new customers. However, you’d better start the optimisation process soon because more business owners are intent on developing a mobile presence in 2014.

Engaging The Digital Audience

There is a perception that businesses who take the time to create mobile friendly websites care about their customers. The researchers at Kissmetrics have emphasised this point by claiming that website retailers who optimise for mobile use may see customer engagement levels increase by as much as 85%. It has also been reported that the development of apps can have a positive impact on brand recognition and trust.

Adapting To The Mobile Trend

It is thought that people will spend even more time on their mobile phones and tablets over the next few years. Indeed, a group of researchers from Microsoft have claimed that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage in 2014. It is also expected that the number of people using their mobiles to buy products will increase significantly. Companies will have to go mobile if they want to maintain positive conversion rates.

Meeting User Expectations

People who use their mobile devices on a regular basis have a defined set of expectations. They are unwilling to put up with slow page loading times. They also favour websites with basic navigational menus and click to call buttons. Thankfully it is possible to integrate these functions during the process of mobile optimisation.

Maintaining Website Rankings

You’ll probably be aware that the search engines take account of user experience when assigning website rankings. It is hardly surprising that they reward those webmasters who make the effort to develop mobile friendly sites. However, Google have gone one step further by announcing that they are intending on demoting those sites that do not meet mobile-friendly criteria. Webmasters who are seriously worried about incurring Google’s wrath should fix faulty mobile redirects and remove any images which take a long time to load.

Enlisting Professional Assistance

If you’re convinced of the need to convert your website to mobile before the end of 2013 then you should get in touch with Elementary Digital. Our professional team will be able to help you in the development of a website which looks outstanding and satisfies the requirements of your mobile customers.


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