Conversion Optimisation

Let’s not pretend, if you run an ecommerce store, a lead management company or you simply need your website to deliver more, then conversions are absolutely everything. Indeed the challenge online these days is not merely developing your presence via online marketing but what actually happens when somebody lands on your website. The seconds you have to capture someone’s attention can be the difference between success and failure for a website and often you won’t have a second chance. Why risk this precious interaction with a website that is unfulfilling and lacks engagement when you could simply learn more about your audience then apply conversion thinking to your site?

Elementary Digital are passionate about interaction and understanding why visitors to your website do what they do. We adopt a conversion optimisation approach to everything we do from the initial scoping of a website through to rolling out an online marketing campaign. Never afraid to question the normal and find new solutions the Elementary Digital team believe all digital marketing should be quantifiable and deliver commercial results.

Using a tried and tested methodology we sense check your website, decipher the weak points and strengthen the triggers to ensure that any engagement with your audience ultimately leads to a conversion. Working with you we can roll out multiple testing programs including A-B testing, multi-variant and offline comms (via our sister agency) to truly understand how we can maximise your audience interaction. Once we’ve completed our program of testing we quantify the data and implement a program of updates (with further testing) to gain a true picture of how your website is performing and how to develop greater efficiencies. It perhaps sounds complicated but with a planned process in place the results will surprise you and bring to life the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

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