Content strategy trends in 2013


Content marketing allows you to share your content and attract custom. It will help increase awareness of your site by sharing your content with networking sites online. New trends are constantly emerging to keep the market place vibrant, so it is important to keep up and stay a step ahead of the competition. Here are a few pointers to help you on the way. It is important to use a number of varying tactics to stay in touch with your target audience, usually 8-12. Using virtual conferences, video and mobile content and research reports will keep you at the cutting edge.

Use microstories to build trust among customers. You can attract loyal custom by using smaller stories within your content. Use case studies and past customer experiences to keep user attention.On average, companies spend a third of their marketing budget on content marketing. With this figure likely to increase, don’t be afraid to fully commit. Gamification will create an incentive for users to interact with your content. It has become increasingly important to provide creative marketing and keep customers excited.

Collaboration with all members of your company across all departments will help you increase content strategy as others may have an idea that passed you by.

With social media and forums allowing conversations to occur at a fast pace it has become easy to see what customer problems and questions need addressing quickly. This community driven content will help you understand consumer demands and expectations, which will increase satisfaction levels for everybody. With the number social network sites and members constantly expanding, social media will become a vital tool for you company. They will act as a vital vessel for your content marketing strategies and content distribution and will allow you to keep in control of the demand for real time content.

The employment of Social Business Managers, Content Strategists and Data Scientists is becoming increasingly important to help companies move to the next level online. These new roles will bridge the gap between internet companies and their customers.Take advantage of employee branding. Your employees provide huge potential for positive feedback, so let them express all the good things your company can provide. These are the people who know the company best, and with a few guidelines they could make your organisation shine brightest.