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There’s no feeling quite like being captivated by a book, newspaper article or a piece of content on a website and for the later that engagement plays a massive role in developing your presence online.  Think about it if you have interesting and appealing content on your site that your audience love then from their first visit keep coming back time and time again. With a passion for your site they’re more likely to talk about it, share it and link to it on other sites. This is why content marketing is one of the key focuses here at Elementary Digital. We write content to engage, captivate and capture your audiences imagination.

This advocacy is the most powerful way to put your message out there as people are more likely to visit your site based on referrals and recommendations than any other method driving valuable visitors and developing a natural presence online.

At Elementary Digital we love content marketing and ensuring the user is put at the centre of all presence building. We develop content marketing strategies that develop authority, personality and most importantly an overwhelming appeal that reaches beyond the first user to visit your site. Our approach is simple…


We learn about your audience, your presence online and develop an understanding of the opportunities available to evolve your brand. With this assessment in place we have the knowledge to create a strategy with clear objectives and a formula to develop presence.


With understanding comes a clear goal, create content that is appealing and users will love. With a focus on quality, fit and shareability all content needs to bring to life the subject, drive appeal and deliver credibility for search engines.


When we’ve got the formula right we integrate our approach with our understanding of where the opportunities are (adopting an seo approach) then proactively work to ensure your audience receive your message. Content marketing is a key part of the SEO process, not only do we create brilliant content but we will also promote it on relevant websites.

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