Content Marketing: Ignore it at your peril!


Content marketing isn’t about how much you can sell in the shortest period of time. Good content marketing will make your website easier to find and promote your company and the brand.

Search engines like Google look for good content. They use over 40 signals to analyse the quality of your websites content. Being proactive about your content will enhance the likelihood of being higher up in the search engine results. The more people that spend time on your website, the more credible your site becomes. In addition, the more links that encourage people to go to your site through signals such as ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’ around your site links.

Standing out from other similar businesses is obviously important. You should be sharing your funny, informative content with others! Social media is a powerful tool for this, and you shouldn’t be ignoring it. Having a good social media plan based around your business and content will help to contribute to your business growing. Using the right content will keep interest high and keep you standing out amongst your peers.

Keeping people talking about your business is essential and it can be easy if your content is up to scratch on newsletters and other campaigns you advertise your business with. Around 80-90% will ignore all of those newsletters filling up their inbox, and that’s why you have to make yours worth their while!

Content marketing is a powerful tool – if yours is sound enough then it will bring improvements to your public relations. A buzz should be created around your work, people should know that it is reputable, reliable and exciting.

Your content marketing should be informative and relevant and make people want to share it with others using social media. This makes people visit your site, and because it’s interesting, they will spend longer browsing. Your search engine rankings will increase with increased traffic, and more conversions can be made. Updating your content frequently making it burst with high quality will keep people interested and optimize the search engine results. So what are you waiting for? Start enhancing your content today to reap all of the benefits!