Conquering your local digital space… some handy ideas


Local SEO needs to have a heavy influence within your SEO strategy, not only do you need to be found on desktop searches but mobile searches also. Google continually updates its algorithms to enhance the user experience it provides. It continues to make search results more relevant to customers, using their location as their key factor. There are a few ways to maximise your presence on local SEO.

  1. Local places pages: Make sure your business is listed in local business directories, particularly Google+ Places, Bing Places and Yahoo Local. Don’t just list your business, optimise your business listings and complete as much information as possible. Taking the time to complete every section will help your SEO strategy in the long-term, A detailed business description is vital, and images and videos will help bring your company to life. Include your keywords, and double check your contact details are accurate.
  2. Keyword research: Identify the key search terms to help provide the highest number of quality visitors to your website. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes, what search terms would they use to find you? Once a list of these keywords is established, they should be used naturally throughout the content, titles, headers and meta descriptions of your website. These have to be naturally placed however – don’t over cram the keywords, otherwise it could be seen as spam!
  3. Quality business directories: Don’t write your business name and details across a range of low quality directories, authority for your listings will only be given for quality directories. Use the same format throughout, paying great attention to the details!
  4. Link building: These need to be as natural as possible. It’s not the quantity of links that count, but the quality of them. A great way to build these links is through content writing such as a blog. Keep it updated with relevant, interesting content and allow readers to spread the word naturally, this will help build social signals – which Google loves!
  5. Reviews: Positive reviews on local business pages play a huge role in your local SEO. Don’t be scared of asking your customers to review your products/services/offerings – make the review websites as easy to find for them as possible!

Author Gyles Seward

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