Buzzword of the month: Shareability

Buzzword of the month: Shareability


Generating shareable content has never been more important. With ongoing updates to Google’s ranking algorithm, more emphasis is placed on content which creates the most buzz. Even across social media platforms, it’s those businesses which post engaging material that keep appearing on the news feed. It’s this cycle of viral content which sees more likes give way to more sharing and so on. These exponential results can quickly catapult a blogger or small business into online stardom.

As such, shareability is the buzzword of the month, possibly the year! Fail to acknowledge the power of a well-executed Facebook post, or educational how-to guide and you’ll be left behind in favour of those businesses making the effort. For those giving it their best shot, but still not gaining that shareable momentum, here’s some ideas to create engaging content.

Make it humorous

A recent study conducted by BuzzSumo analysed thousands of the most shared articles on the internet. In terms of the subject topic, it was found that the majority fell into the category defined as amusement, humorous and for laughter or joy. It’s no surprise that people like to read or watch content that makes them feel good. Play to these emotions by creating humorous content that puts a smile on the face of your audience.

Add multimedia

A new era of faster broadband speeds has placed more emphasis on the once slow-loading video. As you’ll notice across social media, this form of content is becoming hugely popular. Jump on this trend by filming content that’s relevant. This can also be implemented on your website, and is a great way to break-up large chunks of content. Why not introduce the office team in an ‘about us’ film or showcase your products with a 360-degree video?

Starts a loyalty offer

If you specialise in a niche sector, why not encourage users to like and share content by providing a loyalty offer. All of your eBooks and whitepapers that may otherwise be sold, could be given for free to those users who choose to sign-up an account and encourage friends to follow or join. This playful take on a referral scheme is a win-win for both parties. Whether you’re a top chef giving exclusive access to recipes or a personal trainer providing free exercise routines, your customers will feel valued and you’ll benefit from added exposure.

Collaborate with others

Search out credible individuals in your industry which already have a knack for producing shareable content. Now request an interview discussing a controversial or fascinating subject. Alternatively, offer a guest blog on their site which can be back-linked to yours. Leveraging the success of those with an existing following is a smart way to get your content seen and shared by a vast, new audience.

Monitor performance

Shareable content is often a guessing game. What works on one platform, may not create the desired effect on another. As such, you’ll want to constantly monitor the performance of content to analysis its effectiveness. Consider everything from likes to click-through’s and shares. Using this holistic approach, you can determine the most successful strategies and repeat for maximum shareability.


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