Blocking hackers from your WordPress site

Blocking hackers from your WordPress site

John Hewick

With a world full of hackers, you must keep your WordPress administrator panel away from eyes that should not see it to stop people from exploiting your website for their own nefarious ends.

Unfortunately, the popularity of WordPress does make it an attractive target for people who use the vast number of WordPress installations to their advantage – with a huge number of sites to choose from to hack into. Therefore it is essential that you take some appropriate steps to keep your site safe and secure.

Here are some tips for you to ensure your site is protected.

WP Admin Block

One way which you can stop hackers from accessing the WordPress backend is using a WordPress plugin called WP Admin Block. It is free to use and available in the WordPress plugin catalogue.

How does it work?

The plugin redirects people who try to access the admin panel who don’t have the right to the homepage. It uses a secret unique URL in the form of http:// The secret key is set by the administrator when you install the plugin.

Make sure that you bookmark the page so that you can access it yourself.

How to set up WP Admin Block

Firstly, you need to go to your WordPress backend and visit the Plugins section. Click ‘Add New’.

Type in WP Admin Block and click ‘Install’.

Activate the plugin in the Tools menu and click the WP Block option.

Enter a password – make sure that you choose something unique and secure. Then click ‘Save Changes’.

There you have it – installation and setup complete.

If you do manage to forget or lock yourself out of your site, then you can visit the admin panel by going to your server via FTP. Then go to the the /plugins folder in the /wp-content folder. Delete the /wp-admin-block folder to get access back.

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