Big Brands Using Magento Websites


Over 200,000 retailers, big and small, choose to use Magento as their ecommerce website platform. The EBay owned system continues to evolve and provide a user-centric service, and is easily adaptable to suit your business depending on the type of products you’re selling and volume of which you’re selling them. Some of the world’s biggest brands choose to use Magento to power their ecommerce websites:

  1. Nike
  2. Ford
  3. Samsung
  4. Olympus
  5. Nestle Nespresso
  6. Christian Louboutin
  7. Men’s Health
  8. Vizio
  9. Lenovo
  10. Fox Connect

Magento is incredibly easy to use, and with a large Magento community out there, it’s very difficult to come up with a Magento question that hasn’t already been answered! But what else makes Magento so great?

  1. Sociability: Magento has a huge developer following, and with MagentoU and other developer guides many common issues are documented to help you resolve them without having to contact someone directly, adding a great deal of value to the platform.
  2. Additional features: Magento has a huge range of functionality options for you to choose from to help you run your ecommerce website. Whether this is a flexible product catalogue, gift code functionality, cross-selling functionality, configurable pricing, newsletter management or advanced stock management – Magento can provide it all!
  3. SEO: Magento is great for search engine optimisation due to its search friendly URL’s, meta content, redirecting functionality, top level URL’s etc. Your visibility is optimised with Magento using a Google sitemap.
  4. Integrate: There are many readily available integrations for Magento, to enhance both the user and customer service, which include PayPal, SalesForce, Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor to name a few!
  5. Evaluate: Magento allows you to track customer behaviour on your ecommerce website. You are able to evaluate a range of aspects including “most viewed products”, “most purchased products” and at what stage people are most likely to abandon  their shopping  basket.

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