Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Rodger Davies

Many websites and online services are making use of live chat in order to provide their customers with a fast solution to their problems. If you use WordPress for your business, then you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to add live chat to your site. In this post, we are going to take you through some of the best WordPress live chat plugins that you can download for your site. Keep reading to find out more.


One of the best WordPress chat plugins available right now is LiveChat. This plugin will cost you around $16 dollars per month depending on how many agents you have logged in. LiveChat is great because of how well designed it is. You’ll be able to respond to your visitors in many different ways using this plugin and you’ll be totally in control of how it operates. Enjoy things such as keyboard shortcuts, detailed analytics and canned responses when you download LiveChat.

WP Live Chat Support

If you want to take advantage of a free WordPress chat plugin then you need to consider looking at WP Live Chat Support. There is, of course, a pro version of this plugin which requires a one-time fee, but you might find that you get everything you need from the free version. Take advantage of the fact that you can customise your chat when you want. You can make your live chat pop up or hide on specific devices.

Another great plugin that comes for free is which will let you have as many agents as you want without having to pay anything. They do provide a service that you purchase which will let you hire people to chat to your customers for you. is great because it works well and has most of the features that you’d want from your live chat.


If you have 3 users or less, then you should think about using Tidio for your WordPress chat. This is because you’ll get it for free and because this plugin is actually pretty well designed. You will be able to easily customise and install this plugin to your site so there is nothing to worry about. This plugin works on both desktop and mobile, so your bases will be covered.


For those who are willing to pay around $15 per month for their live chat feature, Olark might be the best choice. With this monthly fee, you’ll get an easy to use plugin, real-time reporting, customisation as well as chat ratings and much more. There are also plenty of special features in this plugin which are called PowerUps. Make use of screen sharing and lead scoring if you add any of these on.

Make sure to try out the plugins that we have discussed in this post if you want to make the most out of your WordPress site for your business.

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