Best Paid and Free Magento Extensions

If you want to make mountains of money from your ecommerce site, you need a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. You’ll also need to be able to utilise some Magento SEO plugins that can help you take your site from the backwaters of the web to the front page of your client’s browser.

Here are some of our best tips for extensions to add to your Magento ecommerce store that will increase your sales and profits.

SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension v1.2.6

This SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension gives you control over all elements of your SEO that you can’t control from the basic Magento package, such as products tags, RSS feed, extended sitemap functionality and user-friendly URLs.

The SEO suite for Magento allows you to optimise everything, whether you are looking at key phrases and words, link optimisation or sitemap optimisation. It’s great for smaller businesses. If you are a larger firm, SEO Suite Enterprise gives you more, with dynamic templates allowing you to manage navigation with no hassle.

Ultimate Magento MegaMenu Extension

Your top menu is very important on your ecommerce store, helping users to navigate through the site with ease. This extension allows you to manage the navigation of your site through the top menu.

Magestore SEO Plus v1.3

Ultra-quick optimisation can propel your store upwards in a few hours. If that’s what you are looking for, this affordable option is probably for you. It can do all sorts, including generating tags, titles, URLs, descriptions, search and filter web pages and much more.

Magento Easy Lightbox

The basic product viewer that comes with Magento is good, but this lightbox extension makes it even better, reducing the need to open images in a new window which can be a problem if users have a pop-up blocker enabled on their computer or mobile device.

Magento EasyTabs

Some product descriptions are too lengthy and confusing, so this extension can help to alleviate the ‘wall of text’ by placing the information into relevant tabs which looks much cleaner while still being easy to use and navigate.

Follow Up Emails 1.0

Managing your customer relationships can be time consuming and difficult. This extension makes it easy, allowing ecommerce store owners and webmasters to maintain communication with customers, from purchase confirmed emails to holiday discounts.

FishPig’s WordPress Integration

If you want to merge your WordPress blog and your Magento ecommerce store, then this handy little extension will help you to integrate them seamlessly.

Sweet Tooth

One great way to keep customers returning is by offering rewards. This loyalty and points extension allows you to reward customers to keep them buying.

Better Store Search

Your customers want to be able to find things in your store quickly and easily. This handy little extension allows them to search the site to find exactly what they are looking for.

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