Automattic Acquires BruteProtect



Automattic, the company at the heart of the WordPress empire, has acquired BruteProtect to ensure the security of their sites. and the open-source WordPress project are used by millions of websites, and with so many users, it is a popular target for hackers. The acquisition of the BruteProtect security tool ensures that users are even more protected than ever before.

The BruteProtect plugin was developed by Parka and is currently used by 110,000 sites. Automattic have said that they will offer the premium BruteProtect service, which used to cost $5 a month, for free. They have also announced that they intend to incorporate the Jetpack service along with their WordPress project automatically, allowing self-hosted WordPress users access to many of the cloud services which users at already have access to.

BruteProtect is a comprehensive security tool which limits the number of malicious log-in attempts. It also ensures that any plugin is up to date to ensure that hackers are not finding weaknesses to infiltrate sites through out-of-date and insecure themes and plugins. As well as this, BruteProtect has been working on anti-malware tools to incorporate into the plugin.

The acquisition comes after talks between Parka and Automattic where Parka was requesting funding from the WordPress giant to help with coming up with more innovative and effective ways to protect users. Now the two companies have merged, there will be enough funding available to Parka co-founder Sam Hotchkiss and his team to ensure that the best minds are working on the security of WordPress.

With a whopping nine data centres around the world handling 450 terabytes of data per day, Automattic continuously invests in top-scale security to ensure that users of both and the WordPress project are protected at all times.



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