Assessing The Impact Of The Google Hummingbird


Those of you involved in internet marketing will understand that Google has taken a number of steps to improve the user experience in recent years. They’ve rolled out a series of Panda updates in the aim of improving the rankings of high quality websites. They’ve also introduced a number of Penguin updates for the purpose of cleaning up the linked online landscape. However, many SEO practitioners consider the introduction of the Google Hummingbird algorithm to be the most significant change.

How The Google Hummingbird Works

The original Google algorithm focussed upon the keywords that users employed. So, somebody searching for ‘Orange phone shops near to my home’ would have seen a list of results based upon the ‘Orange phone shops’ keyword. However, the Google Hummingbird accounts for the entire meaning of each search phrase. It will ensure the return of contextualised results, in accordance with geographical location and previous search behaviour. So the user would be able to view a list of Orange phone shops in their home town.

A Truly Significant Update

Google’s decision to develop the Hummingbird can be seen as a response to changes in the types of searches that people are conducting. The users have been employing increasingly detailed long tail search phrases in the aim of gaining quicker access to websites of direct interest. They have also been using mobile phones and other hand held devices to conduct voiced searches. Terms such as ‘how’ ‘what’ and ‘why’ have been used with increasing regularity. Google have reacted by attempting to deliver the most relevant content.

The website owners who’ve been producing high quality content for the purpose of entertaining and engaging the online audience should be happy about the introduction of the Hummingbird algorithm. However, those who’ve been attempting to game the system by incorporating great numbers of keywords and phrases may see their rankings drop. The line between search engine optimisation and user engagement has become even thinner.

Reacting To The Google Hummingbird

Webmasters who are keen to succeed in the increasingly advanced online world have to spend time producing content of the greatest interest. It is necessary to come up with webpages which relate directly to the questions asked by target groups. SEO expert Eric Ward has said that it is worth repurposing content to focus on the most popular questions. It is also advisable to create blogs in accordance with the hot topics that are being discussed on social media websites.

It is worth bearing in mind that the Google Hummingbird has had a direct impact upon the prominence of local websites. It’s for this reason that the creation of geographically specific web pages is highly recommended. You should also sign up for a business listing and encourage local customers to leave online reviews. And don’t forget to use the analytics tools to assess which types of website content are particularly popular.

Expert Support

If the integration of the Google Hummingbird has prompted a rethink of your content marketing strategy then it would be worth contacting Elementary Digital. Our highly experienced team will provide the necessary assistance to ensure top rankings and improved customer engagement.