The Art of Effective Engagement on Twitter


Tweeting as a business has different rules to tweeting on your personal account, but when done effectively, Twitter can be a great two-way communication platform for your business. Creating effective engagement on Twitter requires a consistent brand voice, whether this serious, light hearted, cheeky, the consistency needs to be there in order to build trust with your audience. Split your tweeting 20%, 30% and 50%. 20% should be promotional tweets, offers, “buy from us” etc. 30& should be informative, providing news from your industry, facts about your products and services to showcase your industry knowledge and experience, this shouldn’t be a plug for your business! The other 50% should be all about engagement. Talk to your followers, make conversation with you and involve them by asking questions and opinions – you need to make them feel valued!

When should you tweet?

What time of day does your audience go on twitter? When do you use your personal twitter account? There are no set times to tweet, it’s all about trial and error for what works with your audience, but we have a few guidelines. If you’re just wanting to get information out there, tweeting first thing in the morning is great but responses may be low. During the day you can tweet as much as you wish and what you wish, and after work try to tweet light heartened posts – your audience want something light hearted and amusing to read after a long day at work! Remember if your business is B2C to keep the tweeting up over the weekend, people will still be checking their twitter feeds!

What types of tweets are the most effective?

– Information tweet: Tell your audience all about an aspect of your industry. What’s popular? What’s new? What additional information can you provide?

– Quote tweet: People love reading quotes. Is there someone inspirational within your industry you can quote?  This opens up the opportunity for retweets – spreading your business name further!

– Promotional tweet: Can you put on a flash sale? A special promotion? Everyone looks an offer!

– Question tweet: This is a great way to enhance two way communication with your audience. It can be as complex as a review of your latest products, or a simple as asking your audience what you should have for lunch! It opens up the opportunity to showcase your business’ personality.

– Link tweets: Provide a link to a great blog picture, interesting article or new website you love – tweets with links in them have an 86% chance of getting clicked – we’re all a bit nosey and want to know where your link is going to take us!