Are Voice Device Purchases the Future of eCommerce?

Are Voice Device Purchases the Future of eCommerce?


Have you made a voice device purchase in the last 12 months? If you have, then you are not alone! Walker Sands has just released their “Future of Retail” report which states that 19% of consumers has purchased a voice-controlled device in the last year! Millennials are heading up this new trend as a huge 37% have stated they either always or often use their voice-controlled devices to shop online. Among the Millennial group, 43% have used their voice devices to make a purchase.

Voice Device Purchase Statistics

With voice device purchases on the rise, there is plenty of new reports and surveys coming in. A recent US consumer survey of 1600 adults found that more than 80% had never made a voice controlled purchase. 48% were not enthused by this latest technology, stating they were not at all likely to use a voice device to make online purchases. On the flip side, 14% said they were very likely to purchase one of these devices.

The survey conducted found key reasons as to why some people were not interested in purchasing a voice-controlled device. One of the key findings was the security aspect of using this type of device. Privacy, a lack of visuals and finally the uncertainty over payment rounded off the top four reasons why people were hesitant to make this kind of purchase. Luckily for the people who were involved in this survey, these issues already look to be resolved. This is due to the launch of the Amazon Echo Show which features a screen.

This survey also went into detail with those who already owned a voice device. The survey found that 16% owned the Amazon Echo, while Google came in second place with the Google Home. Finally, 2% of the survey stated that they owned more than one of these types of device. This could be one of each or two or more of the same device.

Voice Device Technology Use in the Future

What was interesting about this survey was the findings it found over the future of voice controlled devices. With 20% of the survey stating they were planning to purchase one of these devices in the next year, it is clear that voice devices are increasingly on the rise and will not be going anywhere for a very long time as more and more consumers purchase them. It is currently estimated that there are around 20 million people who own one of these voice controlled devices.

With the rise of voice device technology, we will find more online retailers and services offering voice recognition transactions. From ordering clothes online at your favourite retailer to ordering a pizza, there is potentially huge growth in this industry. Many businesses are already taking advantage of voice controlled purchases such as Kayak who recently announced the ability to book a room through Amazon’s voice device Alex. It looks to be in the future a world where voice transactions are common practice and routine.