Are Podcasts Still a Thing?

Are Podcasts Still a Thing?

Jem Henderson

Almost a decade after they entered the public domain, many are questioning the future of podcasts. But is this well-founded and does this form of audio blogging still have place in today’s society? Only a few years ago, industry experts were predicting the demise of this medium in favour of more easy-to-access information networks. It was argued that consumers had little time or effort to seek out this entertainment.

Thankfully for all those podcast users, the haters were wrong and this form of broadcast could be more popular than ever before.

Who’s listening?

Recent statistics have shown the extent of usage with more than a billion users subscribed to podcasts on iTunes. What’s more, there is 75 million people which listen to at least one podcast every month and 2.6 billion podcasts were downloaded in 2014. If you thought this medium was dead, you can think again.

Studies have also shone some light into the demographic of these users. It’s suggested that podcasts are most commonly listened to by educated, tech-savy professionals with a reasonable amount of disposable income. It’s no surprise given the lifestyle of these users. Most individuals in professional roles spend hours commuting to and from work. It’s during this time that they’re looking for refreshing content in the form of audio blogging.

Should you capitalise on podcasts?

The facts may be impressive, but podcasts still aren’t as popular as other marketing platforms such as social media. This provides an opportunity to showcase your brand on a platform which isn’t too crowded. Why not become established before the competition?

The printed word doesn’t have to be the only way to engage users. As the average customer becomes more internet reliant as well as busier in day-to-day life, there could be a continuing trend towards audio and video streaming.  After all, users want information at the touch of button. What could be easier than pressing play on a podcast? With increased WiFi availability, users can watch or listen at their own schedule, fitting this around work and home commitments.

Representing you company has never been easier with the use of podcasts. As a brand ambassador, you can speak directly with customers via a microphone and make-shift sound studio. There’s few better ways to create brand awareness and that sense of credibility.

Make it work

It may not be viable for all businesses, but for those operating in an interesting sector, or with valuable industry expertise, it’s well worth trying. The best podcasts provide educational content that’s entertaining to listen to. With this in mind, you’ll want to explore topics of interest or controversy within your sector. Include anecdotes, stories and little known facts to create an engaging podcast that will keep users listening from start to finish.

To make it easier, you can even leverage existing written content and explore the subject further. Finally, invite guest speakers of authority to share their knowledge. As an added bonus, these speakers will likely cross-promote the blog with their audience.