Facts, figures and lovely data, when you have a website you have a gateway to understand everything about how your customers interact with your brand. However, often forgotten and overlooked, analytics should be at the forefront of every decision you make when considering how to evolve your digital strategy.

At Elementary Digital we thrive on having access to your Google Analytics, Webmaster tools or any third party system. With backgrounds in direct response marketing we understand the importance of data and using the insight to help inform strategies and thinking. Using a mix of industry tools, as those noted and our own in-house system, we monitor just some of the following to understand how you are performing online (not just your website or online marketing campaign):

  • Website stats – the usual suspects, traffic, bounce rate, time on site…we are great believers in what analytics can tell you and break down the information to highlight trends and opportunities
  • Conversion tracking – goals, conversions, sales, whatever you like to call them we look beyond the transactions and prefer to understand the journey (the drop off) and how exactly a visitor to the site became a customer
  • Keyword monitoring – your reach is important and we want to know how you’re getting to your audience and what needs to be done to improve your presence
  • Presence – we put our ears to the ground and try to understand your presence online across social media platforms, search and anywhere there is a reference to you
  • Server side data – often forgotten and overlooked we monitor who is coming to your site and then cross reference this with IP databases to find out if we’re attracting the right sort of people
  • Off-line tracking – believe it or not we can see if your website is delivering conversions beyond someone filling out the contact form via telephone tracking

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