Amazon Suing Fake Product Review Websites

Amazon Suing Fake Product Review Websites

Jem Henderson

Getting great reviews is very important when it comes to e-commerce. Research has shown that 90% of online shoppers are influenced by positive reviews, so it’s imperative that you utilise your customer base and make sure that when they get something they love, they tell everyone they know and even those they don’t about it.

However, not all reviews are genuine and this can lead to problems as people order products that aren’t any good from less-than-reputable storefronts. Once trust in reviews breaks down, it can have a hugely negative impact on e-commerce as a whole sector.

Amazon, as the biggest retailer online, has much to lose from paid-for reviews, more than anyone else, which is why April saw the retail giant filing suit in Washington State court against four websites that had been soliciting paid-for reviews. These websites are,,, and

In the words of the complaint, ‘Amazon takes the integrity of its customer reviews very seriously. Amazon has developed sophisticated technologies and protocols to detect and remove false, misleading, and inauthentic reviews from its website. Amazon scours its site for fake reviews, removes them when it finds them, and suspends sellers that post or purchase fake reviews.’

So Amazon is fighting back against the tide of fake reviews.

There are other sorts of fake reviews too – malicious reviews placed there by rivals trying to soil their competitor’s reputation. A tarnished reputation can mean the end for an online business so it could be an effective if immoral tactic that less-than-proper business people might consider.

Whatever the sort of fake review – they can lead to customer dissatisfaction, anger, and then a whole slew of real bad reviews. Make sure that you are getting good, legitimate reviews for your products on your online store.

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