Adopting Best Practice When Using Magento Extensions

Adopting Best Practice When Using Magento Extensions


Extensions found in Magento Connect are what make Magento one of the best e-commerce platforms around, adding additional functionality and flexibility to the platform. But how can you be sure that you are using the ones you need?

Reliability – Make sure that you choose an extension developer that has a good reputation. Check out online forums and make sure that they are available to help you with any issue.

Reviews- Reviews are an excellent quality indicator of how good any extension may be.

Refunds- Extensions should offer a refund for a long enough time period that you get to try it out and see if they do what you want.

Code Quality – Code should be simple, with no extraneous parts that you don’t know what they’re for and no duplicated code. The code should also comply with Magento code standards.

Updated for the Latest Magento Version – The extension should be for the latest version of Magento. If it doesn’t, it may take extra expense and additional coding to get it to work with your store.

Check for Conflicts – Make sure that the extension doesn’t make some of the other extensions that you are already using go faulty. You should also make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the layout and look of your site.

Cron Jobs – Make sure that the extension doesn’t execute any unwanted actions which could lead to overloading the server or the database.

Security Leaks – Potentially, any issue with an extension can lead to security leaks. You need to make sure that the developers of the extension do security tests and keep up to date with any security bugs that may affect their extensions.

Whatever extensions you choose, you must ensure that they are reputable, effective and that they enhance your online store.

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