Adding YouTube Subscribe Button to WordPress

Adding YouTube Subscribe Button to WordPress

John Hewick

Do you love uploading content to YouTube but want more people to be able to view it? Then you will want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to encourage people to subscribe and this includes placing a subscribe button in your WordPress blog. This makes it easy for anyone visiting your blog to then find your videos and to hit subscribe to keep up to date with all of your latest uploads. Here, you will find out how to incorporate a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website with two different methods.

Manually Add a YouTube Subscribe Button

The first way to add a YouTube subscribe button is to do it manually. Start by heading over to the Google Developer’s website page – YouTube Subscribe Button. Whilst you are here, you can enter in the YouTube channel name, choose a layout, a theme, and a subscriber count if you so wish to. This will then give you a live sneak peak of how the subscribe button will be displayed on your WordPress website. If you are happy with the way that it looks you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can copy the embed code.

The next step is to log in to the admin area of your WordPress website. Visit the Widgets area under Appearance and here you can drag and drop the text widget to the widget area. Inside the widget, you can paste the code for the YouTube subscribe button. Your YouTube button should then be on your website!

Use A Plugin to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button

The second way to add a YouTube subscribe button is by placing one under each video on your website. This can give you extra exposure and should also help you increase your subscriber count. Install and activate the YouTube subscribe bar plugin to get started. You can then head on over to this YouTube subscribe bar which you can find under Settings and add in your YouTube channel ID. This is also where you can choose a button layout, theme and whether or not you want to show your subscriber count.

With this plugin, you can add text before the button too and edit the style of how it looks. This area can also be utilised to place a call to action such as ‘Subscribe to My Channel.’ What’s great about this plugin is that it will place this button under all of your YouTube from your channel and also third-party channels too. Share exciting video content on your website and enjoy more subscribers coming your way on your YouTube channel.

Let us know if you followed our steps to successfully add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website.

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