Adding WooCommerce Verified Reviews to Your Site

Adding WooCommerce Verified Reviews to Your Site


In today’s eCommerce climate, verified reviews are becoming increasingly more important. The new saying “In the land of fake reviews, the verified review is king” definitely impacts your WooCommerce website. Basically, this saying shows that with so many fake reviews written for products on the Internet, customers are now looking for a product that offers reviews they know are real. The main way to know if a review is real is to look for verified reviews.

What is a Verified Review?

If you’re unsure of how to spot a verified review, it is simply a review that has been collected and checked by a third-party company. When a customer makes a purchase, the third-party site will often send you an email asking about your overall experience. This is extremely important to customers as this guarantees the review you are reading is from a real customer.  A verified review is often the proof customers need before they will purchase anything from your website.

Why Do Verified Reviews On Your WooCommerce Site Matter?

With so many eCommerce websites vying for business, the easiest way to differentiate your WooCommerce website from the competition is to offer a great selection of products that also come with great reviews of each product. Having reviews that your customers know are real will help your business, as you will appear more authentic as other eCommerce options. The authenticity of a review is quickly becoming the most important factor for online shoppers. Nowadays, everything else is secondary. Customers understand that a script or a bot can easily trick a number of review platforms. However, customers haven’t lost faith in trusted third-party platforms.

How to Activate WooCommerce Buyer Only Reviews

You’ll be happy to hear that WooCommerce actually includes a basic option that recognises past customers who have made a purchase.  This option is built into the platform. While it’s nothing special, it does have the ability to restrict your reviews to just users who have previously purchased an item from your website. To activate this handy feature you will need to login to your WordPress dashboard and head to the WooCommerce section. From there you will need to click on setting and then view the products section. You can then simply check the box. This guarantees all of your reviews are left by people who buy something from your website.  After this, your website will only display reviews from ‘verified owners’.

How to Get Verified Reviews for Your WooCommerce Website

This is an easy fix as all you need to do is install a plugin to get verified reviews for your products. You can get a third-party platform for your WooCommerce site that your customers will trust. For example, TrustedSite is a brand-new WordPress plugin that enables you to collect unlimited verified reviews on your site.

Also, you can choose to send review requests to previous customers using TrustedSite. You can simply input previous customers’ email addresses into your new TrustedSite account. These customers will then receive a review request via email. In addition to this, you can also set up an email.   This email will automatically target new customers who purchase something from your eCommerce site. The email will request them to review their purchase.  This ensures you will receive new verified reviews on a regular basis.

Have you added verified reviews to your WooCommerce site? Let us know in the comments below.