Adding Specific Posts to WordPress Menu

Adding Specific Posts to WordPress Menu

Adam Morgan

In WordPress, you can see an archive page where all posts are listed under a specific post type, tag or category. However, many people don’t know that you can insert a link to unique post type archive pages within the navigation menus in WordPress. Well, fear not as in this article we are going to show you how you can achieve this.

What Are Custom Post Type Archives?

The first thing that we need to cover is what exactly custom post type archives are. When you allow for archives for custom post types, then they will be allowed to display on your website. For example, a custom post type for Deals could be ‘…com/deals/’ Within the navigation menu of your WordPress website, it is possible for you to place a link to this archive page of your custom post type. What does this allow your users to do? Well, they can then view previous entries that have been posted in that post type on just one page.

How to Add Links to the Custom Post Type Archive Page Within the Navigation Menus

The first stage of this process is to go to Appearance and then under this visit Menus. Here, you will also spot that there is a tab that has all of your custom post types in it. Choose which custom post type that you want to expand and then hit View All. A choice for your post type archives will then be shown and you can approve it by clicking on the box. Then, hit Add to Menu. To the right of your column, you should now be able to see your custom post type archive as a menu item.

In WordPress, this will automatically be the custom post type name and the link label will be ‘archives’. You have the option to here to choose something different if you prefer and all you need to do is hit the menu item, edit it, and the choose what navigation label that you want. Always remember to save your changes before clicking off!

At this stage, you can then go to your website and view the custom post type archive link which you’ll find in your navigation menu. You have the option to add a single entry from your post type to navigation menus, in the same way in which you can do so for posts and pages. Choose what entry that you want then add it to your menu button.

Now that you know how to add specific posts to your WordPress menu, try it out today and let us know how you got on!