A Short Guide to Google Home SEO

A Short Guide to Google Home SEO

Anna Kowalska

At the heart of the home sits a brand-new device that’s set to revolutionise the way we make decisions, organise our lives and interact with the World Wide Web. At least that’s what Google are hoping for with their latest tech exploration into the unknown.

Google Home may sound like the stuff of Star Trek fantasy but it seems the future is closer than we thought. Sales for this compact digital assistant are expected to exceed 15.1 million by 2020. The time to prepare for change is now as this new technology is likely to have major implications on SEO.

What is Google Home?

To uncover the potential threats and opportunities from Google Home, it’s essential to fully understand this tech. Put simply, this ‘digital assistant’ is one of several currently vying for attention. Other contenders include the Amazon Echo while major tech names such as Samsung and LG are expected to launch their models shortly.

As you’d expect, Google is at the forefront with an impressive device that is both smart and intuitive. It’s designed for convenience allowing you to plan a schedule, play your favourite music, bring up a recipe and so on. Simply make a command with hands free functionality and Google Home replies with an answer.

With this sort of gadget in the home, it would only make sense that ‘home’ related enquiries take precedence – what’s the time? When is my doctor appointment? Play my favourite playlist?

Those sorts of search enquiries don’t offer any SEO potential, but the ‘Facts & Info’ and ‘Local Guide’ Internet searches do. As marketers, this is your only chance with Google Home to attract a new audience and encourage them to click through to your site.

How to optimise for SEO

Google Home is a single search device which uses a ‘snippet’ to bring up the required information. After all, this isn’t a desktop or smartphone with the luxury of thousands upon thousands of results. Instead, Google are pioneering the way in eliminating all those choices in favour of the best option. And that ‘best’ result is chosen by Google Home.

As such, it’s essential to become an indispensable source of information on your niche subject. It may sound overwhelming but this is one of the few ways to gain credit on this new platform.

Consider your audience or survey customers if you need to. It’s now more important than ever to get in to the mind of the user.

What information or service do they require and how can you meet that niche?

Also think about the conversion path, determining what customers do just before visiting and after visiting your site. Cater to the full requirements along the conversion trail and you’ll have a better shot at being showcased on that ‘snippet’.

Finally and just as important, is brand recognition. Cleary when Google Home chooses the ‘best’ website for the snippet these are often seen as the most credible and reputable. Become the go-to in your industry for non-biased information on a given subject.

Be dynamic

While it’s important to plan for this tech revolution, much is still unknown about the effect on SEO. There’s no confirmation on whether AdWords will play a part in Google Home and many are questioning the reliability of ‘snippets’ suggesting they don’t provide enough choice.

As is always the case with SEO, it’s important to keep an open mind, and always be ready for change. It’s coming!